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SHAHA1843 - Shivashree vysali | Last login: 7 hrs, 34 mins ago

Name: Shivashree vysali Age: 21
Dob : 1993-05-22 Native : Madurai
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 2in
Weight: 54 Patham: 4
Gherunav: vaidhyam Gothru : haritha
Rasi: Rishabam Nakshatram: Rohini
Education: BE (CSC) Profession: associate software develepmen eng
About Nowri: MY daughter is working at Bangalore with a leading MNC . current CTC is 7.3 Lac per annum....
SHAHA1526 - LATER | Last login: 8 hrs, 58 mins ago

Name: LATER Age: 20
Dob : 1994-05-17 Native : Madurai
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 60 Patham: 2
Gherunav: THOPPAEN Gothru : JAAPALI
Rasi: Kadagam Nakshatram: Awilyam
Education: B.Sc., [Information Tech & Management] Profession: nil
About Nowri: my daughter is very talented girl - respect to elders - god fearing -...
SHAHA1661 - Bhuvana Sri M K | Last login: 9 hrs, 10 mins ago

Name: Bhuvana Sri M K Age: 20
Dob : 1993-08-09 Native : Madurai
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 55 Patham: 4
Gherunav: Manicka Gothru : Mouchana
Rasi: Mesham Nakshatram: Aswini
Education: B.D.S.,(House Surgeon) Profession: Dentist
About Nowri: ...
SHAHA1839 - Priyanka JR | Last login: 10 hrs, 1 mins ago

Name: Priyanka JR Age: 23
Dob : 1991-07-01 Native : Madurai
Color: Chammal Height: 5ft
Weight: 56 Patham: 2
Gherunav: juttu Gothru : ubamanya
Rasi: Makaram Nakshatram: Avittam
Education: Bcs Profession: Aircel
About Nowri: ...
SHAHA541 - S.Janani | Last login: 10 hrs, 4 mins ago

Name: S.Janani Age: 24
Dob : 1988-11-14 Native : Paramakudi
Color: Goro Height: 5ft
Weight: 60 Patham: 2
Gherunav: Kunga Gothru : chavana
Rasi: Makaram Nakshatram: Utthiratam
Education: M.Sc ( Bio Tech) Profession: Clerk in Private Bank LVB
About Nowri: PG done in 2010 and got marreid in 2010. Due to the physical and mental torture by the Psychiartic affected patient husband, got divorced within few days from the date of marriage. The court legally...
SHAHA1666 - Banupriya | Last login: 10 hrs, 17 mins ago

Name: Banupriya Age: 24
Dob : 1990-12-19 Native : Trichy
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 58 Patham:
Gherunav: Samin Gothru : Dhatchitha
Rasi: Dhanusu Nakshatram: Puratam
Education:, CMA, CS (Inter) Profession: Assistant Officer in BHEL, Trichy
About Nowri: I completed CMA (COST ACCOUNTING professional course) and currently pursuing ACS (company secretaryship) final. And also working as an Assistant officer (supervisor grade) in finance dept, BHEL...
SHAHA1838 - O.Rajashree | Last login: 10 hrs, 22 mins ago

Name: O.Rajashree Age: 23
Dob : 1991-12-09 Native : Coimbatore
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 1in
Weight: 40 Patham: 1
Gherunav: Konda Gothru : Jabali
Rasi: Dhanusu Nakshatram: Utthiratam
Education: B.E. (civil engineering) Profession: Purchase Officer ADCC Qatar
About Nowri: Nowri working in Qatar. she is simple, straight forward & respect elders....
SHAHA1821 - Aruna.M | Last login: 10 hrs, 59 mins ago

Name: Aruna.M Age: 27
Dob : 1987-06-16 Native : Dindigul
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 55 Patham: 1
Gherunav: Pidugu Gothru : Parkavarisi
Rasi: Makaram Nakshatram: Avittam
Education: BCA,M.S Profession: IT
About Nowri: My Daughter is straight forward and bold girl who has career of her own. She is adjustable and has respect on elders....
SHAHA1790 - Later | Last login: 11 hrs, 26 mins ago

Name: Later Age: 22
Dob : 1992-11-19 Native : Chennai
Color: Lhovvo Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 55 Patham: 2
Gherunav: sarang Gothru : parasara
Rasi: Kanni Nakshatram: Utthiram
Education: BE Profession: IT
About Nowri: ...
SHAHA1031 - Saranya Sampath | Last login: 13 hrs, 5 mins ago

Name: Saranya Sampath Age: 25
Dob : 1989-07-14 Native : Chennai
Color: Lhovvo Height: 5ft
Weight: 57 Patham: 4
Gherunav: Vinzun Gothru : Kanvarishi
Rasi: Viruchigam Nakshatram: Vishakam
Education: B.A in Interior Design Profession: Events Excutive
About Nowri: living since 1992 (+20 years) in Dubai....

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I cant access the site properly, why so?

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Your app is the best on the polish markets

I am not good with searching profile in Internet and I was always looking for an efficient way to keep track of my daughter profile search. Your app is the best on the polish markets!Thank you... Shahini | View More

Your service to sourashtra community is excellent

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Thank you for best service keep it up.

Thank you for best service.keep it up. T.R.SUGANANDAM, PRESIDENT PONDICHERRY, SOUTASHTRA SABHA | View More

Congrats for developing such a good matrimonial site

Hello sathish, Congrats for developing such a good matrimonial site.i'm a member of your website. Ya sathish my prof id:SHAHA265 & looking for a bride for my brother.i like the options Express interest,chat and especially photo Album,and your | View More